Gap Insurance Explained

It is a worrying time for motorists with just about everything becoming more expensive. The cost of new and used cars, insurance, fuel and maintenance are all rising, which are even harder to manage when you consider the overall cost of living crisis that is gripping the UK. In situations like this, you want to […]Read More

Cloudbooking report: Only 11% of Gen Z workers want to

Because of their known affinity for technology and digital communications, Generation Z seems like a cohort of workers that would take an immediate liking to full-time remote work. But the findings of a recent survey show otherwise. According to a study by YouGov and Cloudbooking, providers of workspace management software, only 11% of Gen Z […]Read More

Should a Physician Become an Employee or an Independent Contractor?

As a physician, it is not always easy to determine whether working as an employee or an independent contractor is more advantageous. When making this decision, there are a variety of components to keep in mind, such as the structure provided to employees vs. independent contractor physician agreements. All physicians will not arrive at the […]Read More

Arti Modi Discuss How She Is Helping Change the FinTech

Arti Modi was born in the United Kingdom and moved to Canada in 1998. In 2002, she graduated from the University of British Columbia before opening her own real estate firm in Alberta. With experience in a wide range of industries including foods manufacturing, asset management, and movie production, she now focuses primarily on the […]Read More

Brad Zackson Shares Common Misconceptions about Real Estate Development

The kind of misconceptions that people have about real estate developers are baffling. Outside the strenuous and, at times, a risky cocoon that real estate developers live, people think that we merely sit on piles of cash while playing chess over expensive drinks waiting for the next big deal to land. Laypeople fancy that real […]Read More

How Faris Abusharif Is Helping to Evolve the Patient Care

Dr. Faris Abusharif is an interventional pain management physician based out of Orland Park, Illinois. As Owner and Medical Director of The Laser Spine Center of Chicago, Dr. Abusharif, has implemented procedures that mirror the most advanced technologies and techniques available within the industry. Known primarily for his minimally invasive procedures, patients experience less pain […]Read More

How casinos are making gambling safer

The rise in UK gambling addictions has seen the NHS open new clinics dedicated solely to gambling issues, and the trend does not look to be breaking anytime soon. COVID undoubtedly deepened the crisis, and due to its huge online presence, in 2022 it has been necessary for bookmakers to take stronger action against gambling […]Read More

Mobile and broadband firms meet ministers to help people facing cost

The UK’s biggest broadband and mobile operators have today met with the government to follow up on commitments agreed in the summer to support customers with the cost of living. Digital minister Julia Lopez called together leaders from the telecoms sector – including BT, Virgin Media, O2, Sky, Vodafone, TalkTalk, Three Mobile, Hyperoptic and Ofcom […]Read More

Could B Corp gold standard actually encourage green-washing

With a status cemented as a gold standard eco-credential, B Corp may be widely lauded in the business community as a benchmark of good practice, but not everyone is convinced. “Even if every business became B Corp certified would the world really be any different? Would we have a regenerative economy?” Georgia Rae Taylor, of […]Read More

BT offers staff £1,500 to end pay dispute

BT has offered the majority of its staff an extra £1,500 pay rise on top of an increase in April, bringing to an end a bitter pay dispute that led to the company’s first strikes in 35 years. Staff earning £50,000 or less will receive the £1,500 pay increase from January 1, which is expected […]Read More